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Retiring Lakeside in Ajijic MexicoThe 400-year-old fishing village of Ajijic has many things for visitors to explore and do. Days can be filled with walking down the quaint cobblestone streets, exploring the alley ways, art galleries, gift shops, and fine restaurants or sitting on the shores of the largest lake in Mexico. 

Retiring Lakeside in Ajijic MexicoAjijic boasts of having one of the best climates in the world. Average daily temperatures are in the 70's with very low humidity. Most nights, all that is required for comfort is a light jacket. Because of the spring-like weather year 'round, there is no need for heating or air-conditioning in any of the buildings. For a few months in the spring, the temperature may be somewhat warm during the day but it will be cool at night.

Retiring Lakeside in Ajijic MexicoAjijic is about thirty (30) minutes from the Guadalajara airport and less than an hour from the center of Guadalajara, Mexico's second largest city. There you will find big-city night life, museums, 16th century cathedrals, ballet and a host of other attractions. Adjoining cities of Tonala and Tlaquepaque are mecca's for artisans and Mexican handicraft items. Also from Ajijic are day tours to many points of interest. 

Retiring Lakeside in Ajijic MexicoAccording to National Geographic, it's "The Second Best Climate in the World". The weather here is referred to as an eternal spring. This part of Mexico is 5,000 feet above sea level. The lake is surrounded on three sides by mountains.

Eight thousand Americans and Canadians are retired in the lakeside area. Thirty thousand live in Guadalajara. English is spoken in most places as a second language.

Ajijic has a Wal-Mart store and one hour away is Sam's Club and Costco. A four-hour drive to the west coast is Puerto Vallarta.

Retiring Lakeside in Ajijic Mexico Retiring Lakeside in Ajijic Mexico


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