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A Fun, Exciting 5-Day/6-Night Seminar to Introduce You to the

Ajijic - Lake Chapala area of Mexico!

Ajijic Lake Chapala

We offer you a 5-day, 6-night package to introduce you to the possibilities of retiring to the Ajijic - Lake Chapala area of Mexico 

The package price for two people includes a beautiful, first-class room with an ample breakfast, introduction to all of the residential areas, specific retirement information, and airport pickup and return. Lunch, dinner, drinks and extra activities are not covered in the cost of the package.

We are prepared to give you an honest portrait of the ins and outs and dos and don'ts of the Lakeside area.  

Our seminar is a concentrated information session for two reservations (one or two people per reservation) to learn the aspects of living in Mexico. We conduct one seminar session per month. All transportation is provided in our personal SUV.

Our seminar is different from others in the area because, you meet and personally speak to a lawyer, banker, mover, insurance agent and other professional people. Professionals are providing you accurate information and you visually see all the areas of lakeside. We also escort you to the grocery stores, liquor stores, health care facilities and personally show you all the sub-divisions in the area. Other seminars are a day or two sitting in a group session with information provided by only one person.

Some of the topics we'll cover include:

  • Managing your money--moving money in and out of Mexico and investing money in the Mexican market.  A representative of Actinver Bank/Investment will meet with participants to explore options and to answer individual questions.

  • Legal issues such as Mexican wills, the pros and cons of buying real estate and if property is best placed in a direct deed or a bank trust.

  • Health issues that include medical care, and dentistry

  • Moving your belongings. A representative from a local moving company will meet with you and discuss how to move your belongings to Mexico. This will include what you can and cannot bring, getting your belongings through customs, and the cost of the move.

  • Car and Household insurance.

  • Information regarding rental properties. Participants will be able to spend one day looking at real estate. Currently, a wonderful, 2-3-bedroom, 2-bath home can be rented for six to eight hundred U.S. dollars per month. Utility costs are very low because there is no need for heating or air conditioning.

  • During the term of the seminar, we will show you all of the Lakeside areas from Jocotepec, on the west side of Ajijic, to Vista del Lago, east of Chapala. This will give you a visual introduction to the entire Lakeside area.

  • Information regarding the purchase of property.

  • Cost of living information that includes basic services such as maid and gardener salaries and doctor and dental fees. Presently in Ajijic you can hire a maid for $12-15 U.S. dollars a day who will clean, wash clothes, iron and cook.  Gardeners charge approximately $15 a day.  U.S. educated doctors are available who charge $15 dollars a visit and U.S. educated dentists, with state of the art equipment, charge about one-quarter the fees that are normal Stateside. 

Participants will also be entitled to:

  • A one-day shopping trip to Tonala and Tlaquepaque. Tonala is an acknowledged artisan haven and Tlaquepaque is the Rodeo Drive of Guadalajara.

  • A tour of Centro Historic Guadalajara. Following this, we will be able to explore the Governor's palace built in 1774, the Cathedral begun in 1561, many large plazas and the Libertad Market hailed as the largest market in Latin America.  You may decide to take a one-hour carriage ride for the small sum of $15 U.S. We'll then have lunch in Tlaquepaque at El Patio Restaurant where the traditional Mexican entertainment is wonderful.

  • A guided visit to the Wednesday open air market or "tianguis" in Ajijic and three local "gringo" grocery stores, as well as the largest Mexican grocery in the area. We will introduce you to fresh fruit and vegetable stands and to the bakery that offers fresh breads and goodies every day at one o'clock. We'll also show you where the Sam's club, Super Wal-Mart, Costco and Mega Mart are, just an hour's drive away in Guadalajara. We'll also show you how to find Office Depot, Office Max, Home Depot and many of the fast food chain restaurants you're accustomed to in the States.

  • An introduction to the cost and availability of personal services. Massages, pedicures, facials, and manicures cost a fraction of what they do for the same services in the U.S. or Canada. For a small extra fee ($4 U.S.) a masseur will come to you. For thermal water enthusiasts, we'll introduce you to the baths and steam rooms in nearby San Juan Cosala.  You will be sure to benefit from the relaxing effects of the mineral waters that leave the ground at temperatures of up to 185 degrees F.  

  • Finally, there will be time to explore Ajijic and the surrounding areas on your own.  Ajijic has many wonderful shops and exceptional restaurants in all price ranges. Spending time sitting on the main square, watching the daily life of a Mexican village, can be satisfying.

  • Our Package sessions are limited to four people.

For information regarding prices, dates and availability we can be reached by
or phone from the US    1-409-877-4967

For more information on the Lake Chapala and Ajijic area visit: and

These are just a few of the people who have attended our seminar or who we've helped with information about moving to Mexico. All now reside happily at Lakeside.

Ajijic Lake Chapala


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